Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about joining our team as a RaceWay Franchisee.

Why RaceWay?

At RaceWay, you truly are your own boss. Our business model gives you more flexibility to make decisions regarding day-to-day operations. RaceWay offers high traffic locations and competitive fuel prices while still giving you the freedom to tailor your store’s offerings to the community you serve.

How much will a Franchisee Invest in a RaceWay?

The Capital investment required for a RaceWay store ranges from $168,000 on the low end to $445,000 on the high end. The figure varies depending on the size of the store, property values, store location and equipment costs. 




Initial Fee



Security Deposit



Opening Inventory & Supplies



Operating Capital 



Equipment/ Food Program 



Total Investment 



How Many Gallons of Fuel Will the Site Pump?

It depends on the store location and store traffic. As of December 2019, RaceWay stores pump 44,000 gallons per store per week— well above the industry average of 30,000 gallons per store per week.  If you are looking to purchase an existing RaceWay location, RaceWay provides you with historical information about the fuel volume at the store; however, this historical information is not a guarantee that the store will continue to sell that volume of fuel. Fuel sales will fluctuate based on a variety of factors such as store location, economic climate, fuel prices, and local market competition. RaceWay encourages potential Franchisees to make their own assessment of a store’s potential to produce fuel sales

Do I Have the Freedom to Establish Relationships with Vendors of My Choice?

Yes! RaceWay does not require you to attain store supplies from a fixed list of vendors. However, the sale of certain items in RaceWay is prohibited, and you are required to obtain all motor fuel from RaceWay. These details are clearly set forth in the RaceWay Gasoline Service Agreement.

Is There an Opportunity to Have a Food Program?

RaceWay recommends our Franchisees consider adding or enhancing a food program to drive additional inside sales. There is a growing trend for convenience stores to offer more than fuel at their locations, and it is now common to find freshly prepared foods at many store locations. Many RaceWay Franchisees increase their sales and customer loyalty by offering a variety of food such as roller grill items, deli sandwiches, fresh fried chicken, pizza, and even frozen yogurt.

How Do I Equip and Stock My Store?

RaceWay Franchisees may purchase equipment and inventory from suppliers that they personally select, or may obtain equipment and inventory from the outgoing Franchisee—or a combination of both. In each of these cases, you are required to abide by the restrictions contained in your Franchise Agreement, Lease and Gasoline Services Agreement.

What Type of Training Support Will I Receive?

The RaceWay Operations team will provide assistance to new Franchisees with vendor options and layout designs, if so desired. In order to learn store procedures, new Franchisees are encouraged to train for a week at an existing RaceWay store prior to opening their new location. 

A RaceWay District Manager will work side-by-side with you during the first week of your store’s operations, training you on the use of all on-site equipment, daily reporting, and RaceWay’s policies and procedures. We’ll provide all the support and partnership you need to put your RaceWay store on the road to success.

What are the Minimum Hours of Operation?

RaceWay Franchisees are required to operate their stores continuously during the hours provided in the lease agreement—usually between 5 am and 11pm, 7 days a week. RaceWay, however, strongly encourages Franchisees to keep their stores open 24 hours a day.

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