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Our Franchisees Are The Difference


Chris Whitaker

New Tazewell, TN

Since 1990

“It is a true partnership; The brand invests in the mutual success of both the franchisee and RaceWay. I continue to enjoy my relationship with customers and RaceWay.”

Bharat Patel

Montgomery, AL

Since 2005

“I currently and proudly operate locations in Alabama. I had no significant business experience and low financial funds on hand when we acquired our first RaceWay store in Montgomery AL. RaceWay gave me a chance! I am so proud and grateful to be a part of RaceWay.”

Mohammed Sananddin

Madison, GA

Since 2005

"I partnered with RaceWay because I love working with people and always had a desire to work for myself. Looking back, I think I made a great decision! Some positives of partnering with RaceWay are the extensive franchise support from a great team, the collective buying power, the loyal customer base through brand recognition, and the opportunity to be your own boss."

Cody Hodges

Bossier City, LA

Since 2008

“My experience with RaceWay as a franchisee has been awesome! Being with RaceWay has helped my family have opportunities that we might not have had otherwise. Corporate is always there with suggestions to help grow my business and ensure that we are successful. The constant support and attention from corporate are invaluable.”

Kishan Amin

Pelham, AL

Since 2009

"I am so proud and grateful to be a part of such a wonderful organization, that is my family. I have received tremendous support and guidance from RaceWay. I consider RaceWay not just a franchise, but a family. RaceWay contributes to my success."

Shylore Joseph

Beverly Hills, TX

Since 2009

"By partnering with RaceWay, my dream has come true. I have never once regretted becoming part of the RaceWay family. My RaceWay franchise was the best investment that I have ever made."

Clint Brock

Rockmart, GA

Since 2010

“I have been a RaceWay Franchisee for 11 years and have enjoyed being a part of the change and growth within the organization during that time. Owning a RaceWay franchise has allowed me to grow as an entrepreneur. One of my greatest privileges is to be able to provide so many jobs and build strong relationships with my team. What a great feeling it is knowing I am providing these jobs in the communities I serve. I also love to meet and interact with my guests.”

Bhavin "Bobby" Patel

Birmingham, AL

Since 2011

“It has been a good experience being RaceWay franchisee for almost 10 years. I have loved and enjoyed being a RaceWay franchisee. I would recommend becoming a RaceWay franchisee. RaceWay is a low investment opportunity to run your own business. I receive great support and good communication from my DM and all others in the RaceWay family.”

Mohammed Hoque

Destin, FL

Since 2011

"I chose to be a franchisee with RaceWay because RaceWay was already a big name and allowed me to offer customers low gas prices. I am so glad to be franchisee with RaceWay and I hope to keep growing with RaceWay in the future."

Dhilor Baby

Bridge City, TX

Since 2012

“RaceWay has not only been a profitable investment, but I have also made many friends over the years that I now call family. I took a chance investing in RaceWay, and I never looked back. RaceWay has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

Dhiren Patel

Hixson, TN

Since 2012

"I learned a lot at RaceWay. With RaceWay, I not only grew financially but continued to stay up to date with the ever-changing industry, new trends and technology. I take pride in being RaceWay franchisee."

Atul Datta

Lake Placid, FL

Since 2013

"RaceWay Franchise has been a great success for me. RaceWay has helped me whenever I asked for help and has given me ideas on how to continue growing my business. I can't wait to get another store.”

Ron Nelson

Yulee, FL

Since 2013

"Becoming a RaceWay franchisee has been a rewarding experience for me. After working a corporate job for 31 years I was finally able to invest in myself and realize a lifelong dream as an entrepreneur. I enjoy providing services for the community and appreciate the fact that I have flexibility for family time. Joining the RaceWay team was a great decision for me."

Ahmed Fouitah

Augusta, GA

Since 2014

“RaceWay was the perfect model where I was able to operate with no ties, this freedom and my personal drive has given me the ability to turn small profit stores into a successful story.”

Mahmoud Abudayyak

Dothan, AL

Since 2015

"RaceWay is very supportive. RaceWay provides you guidance to help your business be successful. If you want to be successful, join RaceWay."

Naser Mir

Newport News, VA

Since 2015

"Thanks to the unwavering support from RaceWay, I have been able to grow my business. I am happy to serve the community through my partnership with RaceWay."

Sean Patel

Richmond, VA

Since 2017

"Since partnering with RaceWay, I have not looked back. We quadrupled the business and made it one of the best RaceWay stores. My experience with RaceWay has been like family. In every step of my success, RaceWay was next to me as true partner."

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